For the first time in her life, Hailey was able to race with a friend on a zip line!!  The new inclusive playground area at Christmas Tree Park allows children with physical disabilities to play alongside their peers and feel the freedom of motion on the merry-go-round, see saw, swing, slide and zip line!  Thank you to the Town of Manchester and Sparks at Play for supporting this project!

We are continuing our fundraising efforts to add high back swings, a hillside slide that requires no climbing and rubber surfacing to improve access for those with mobility challenges.

In July 2018 we were able to add a new double swing bay with 2 ADA high back swings and 2 belt swings.  Thank you to the Unchained Few MC for their generous donation, to the local community for supporting our carnival week fundraisers and to the Town of Manchester for all their hard work in getting the swings installed!  One more fun activity for children of all abilities!