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In 2015, Hailey's Wish assisted the Town of Manchester in purchasing $75,000 worth of amazing, innovative accessible playground components to create an inclusive playground at Christmas Tree Park. There is no other playground in the area that has as many accessible play activities as this playground. 
The Christmas Tree Park Inclusive Playground includes the following accessible activities:
2-Track Zip Krooz Zipline
Ooodle Swing
We-saw See-Saw
Omni Spin Merry-Go-Round
Roller Slide
2-Bay Swing Set with 2 High Back Bucket Swings
Music and Activity Panels
This playground was the best decision ever made and the feedback from the community has been wonderful!
All that being said, we still have a lot of work to do. The playground area is covered with mulch and has limited sidewalk access to the rest of the park. Although mulch is ADA approved, it is difficult to maneuver using a wheelchair or assistive device. Although Hailey's Wish made a strategic decision to promptly install the playground equipment so that the community could gain immediate benefit from it, adding more accessible surfacing and sidewalks is crucial to the success of the project. The lack of more accessible surfacing creates an environment that requires physical work to maneuver between play components, which leads to exhaustion. This may prevent children with disabilities and their families from visiting the playground or limit the duration of their stay. We need your help to complete this project!

In July 2018 we were able to add a new double swing bay with 2 ADA high back swings and 2 belt swings. Thank you to the Unchained Few MC for their generous donation, to the local community for supporting our carnival week fundraisers and to the Town of Manchester for all their hard work in getting the swings installed! One more fun activity for children of all abilities!

Hailey's Wish is currently fundraising to for 2 improvements to the Christmas Tree Park Inclusive Playground:

1. The addition of areas of poured rubber surfacing and sidewalks that would allow easier transition between activities for individuals using a wheelchair or assistive device.

2. The addition of a hillside slide that would run with the slope of the hill allowing easy access without the need for stairs or ladder.

Will you support our project?

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